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The Book

The Subconscious
What is it?
What can it do for you?

Best-selling author Felicia Drury Kliment’s new book, The Subconscious: Your Port in the Storm, provides answers. With a single reading of this book, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the storehouse of information in your subconscious
  • Possess the intuitive power that would otherwise take a lifetime to acquire
  • Bring clarity to your thinking and your life goals
  • Acquire a sense of self on which to build a flourishing career and a fulfilling relationship
  • Experience the calmness and security that come from inner strength
  • Do away with the negatives that are holding you back: indecisiveness, lack of motivation, and inability to focus on a given problem
The best bonus:
  • Gain the confidence to blaze your own trail!
In The Subconscious, author Felicia Drury Kliment brings to light the hidden aspects of the subconscious and shows why its judgment is wiser than that of the conscious mind and under what circumstances the subconscious is most likely to transmit its advice. Enlightening stories show the many ways people have found to use their subconscious and how you can open up your mind to take in all the advice it sends you, grasp its meaning, and then act on it.


This rich collection of well-told stories contains compelling anecdotes that affirm the power of the subconscious... The relaxed and richly detailed narrative reveals that everyone has the ability to access their ‘hidden well of wisdom.’ However, the rapid pace of contemporary life and its resulting emotional anxiety prevent people from recognizing and understanding the power of their intuitive intelligence. Kliment suggests calming the mind through meditation … and describes exercises to reinforce the habit of mindfulness. … The Subconscious: Your Port in the Storm contains compelling anecdotes that affirm the power of the subconscious to improve people’s lives and will appeal to those interested in this subject.”

Clarion Review

As depicted by Kliment, the human subconscious is capable of almost anything if one knows how to use it. She leads readers through instructions on how to access the wisdom of the subconscious and harness it in everything from avoiding day-to-day danger to finding a life partner. Along the way, she draws on an array of sources that run the gamut from classical philosophers to present-day New York Times wedding announcements. Kliment’s eclectic approach makes for an entertaining introduction to a subject that may seem opaque to many readers. The early chapters are particularly successful in explaining the history of our understanding of the subconscious as well as current scientific research on its role in our lives; a few practical exercises help increase the accessibility.”

Kirkus Review

This book is a great source of information. It describes what the subconscious is, how it works, and how you can gain access to it.

There are human interest stories on practically every page – each one showing how the reader can use the subconscious to make his or her life more meaningful. The author has a natural knack for portraying her own and other peoples’ personal experiences which are easy for the reader to relate to and put into practice.”

Ronald Hoffman

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